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FURBOT - Freight Urban RoBOTic vehicle (2011 ~ 2016)

FURBOT is a European project developing an improved system for urban freight delivery. In particular a new fully-electrical semi-autonomous vehicle realizing freight transportation is proposed.

Although travel between the beginning and end points relies on the human driver, the procedures related to loading and unloading are almost entirely automatized. These include the precise docking of the vehicle at the freight boxes prepared for pick-up, as well as at the unloading location. Two specialized freight handling devices are mounted on the FURBOT van and able to pick up and place down freight boxes with euro-pallet bases. 



TIRAMISU - Toolbox Implementation for Removal Anti-personnel Mines, Submunitions and Uxo (2012 ~ 2016)

Anti-personnel landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs) present an important obstacle to the transition from crisis to peace for war-affected countries. They threaten post-conflict development and welfare.
The objective of the TIRAMISU project is to provide the Mine Action community with a toolbox to assist in addressing the many issues related to Humanitarian Demining, thus promoting peace, national and regional security, conflict prevention, social and economic rehabilitation and post-conflict reconstruction.



AUTORECON - AUTOnomus co-operative machines for highly RECONfigurable assembly operations of the future (2011 ~ 2015)

Several industrial sectors today are still using linear sequences of operations where the same manual and automated tasks are repeated in each cycle. This paradigm is efficient when aiming at maximum capacity and considering no breakdowns, but very inefficient in case of line de-saturation.

AUTORECON proposes the enablement, development and introduction of

  • autonomous, exchangeable and mobile production units which can change tasks and position in the shop floor,
  • highly interactive robotic structures
  • random production flow and all these, integrated under a common and open architecture.

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