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2020 Admissions Closed - XXXVI Cycle

Application Deadline - June 15, 2020 at 12.00 noon (CET)

The PhD position(s) announcement could be found every year at
All the information related to the application are uploaded on the above page. The Call for 2020 admissions is OPEN now. 
The candidate who would like to apply for a PhD in our lab has to take into account of the followings:
  • INTERVIEW: 7.7.2020 – 10.00 am at the Department of Mechanical, Energetics, Management and Transport Engineering (Dipartimento di Ingegneria meccanica, energetica, gestionale e dei trasporti – DIME), MEC section, Via All’Opera Pia 15/a - 16145 Genova. Upon a motivated request, the interview may also take place electronically (Skype video conference) by getting in touch in time with the contact person for the curriculum Matteo Zoppi (Matteo. and carbon copy to the Coordinator of the Doctoral Course Prof. Luca A. Tagliafico ( specifying the candidate’s name, Skype address and the curriculum he/she is referring to.
For the APPLICATION the candidate will need:
  1. Personal data
    • Name and Surname
    • Codice Fiscale - if the candidate doesn't have it, to be left empty
    • Birthday and birthplace
    • Phone number and Address - it must be an italian address! foreign candidates have to write the address of their embassy in Italy
    • Citizenship
  2. PhD Curriculum: (name + code) ROBOTICS AND MECHATRONICS + 8217
  3. Research Project Proposal (maximum 10 pages): this will NOT necessarily be the candidate research topic after he/she get the position! It is a way to assess the candidate's ability to organize and carry out research.
  4. Reference letters (minimum 1 - maximum 3): Candidates must choose not less than one and not more than three referees to support their candidature. These referees must be university professors or experts in the subject and it will be their concern to send reference letters, within the deadline of the public notice, to the Coordinator, Prof. Luca Antonio Tagliafico, at the following address and the contact person for the RM curriculum, Prof. Matteo Zoppi, at The name, status and service place of the referees chosen by the candidates must be stated in their applications. 
  5. ID card or Passport: a copy of both the sides
  6. Title and abstract of bachelor and/or master thesis
  7. List of exams and grades: if possible, provide a brief description of the class (not strictly necessary)
    NOTE: if the candidate can get an official document is better, otherwise even an exel table should be ok
  8. Self certification: the form is available online and it must be submitted duly signed along with the application!
For foreign candidate, (7) and (8) must be translated in italian (see Bando Art. 2-2):
In the case of a degree obtained abroad and judged suitable, if the qualification has not yet been deemed equivalent, the candidate shall require that this recognition be granted for public exam purposes only. In such cases candidates shall also enclose the following documents:
a) a translation of the academic qualifications duly notarized by the Italian diplomatic or consular office of the country in which the qualifications were achieved;
b) a “Dichiarazione di Valore” (Declaration of Worth) of the qualifications drawn up by the same consular body.
NOTE: usually the academic transcripts are accepted even if they are not translated in Italian, but an English copy should be sufficient.
1. Applications for the selection procedure shall be submitted by means of the online procedure available at the address, by 12 noon (Italian time) of 15 June 2020 (the expiry date of the public call). The application date of submission is certified by the electronic system which, at the expiry of the deadline, will no longer allow access and the sending of the application.
2. Applications shall report (self-certification) – under the candidates’ responsibility and at the risk of exclusion from the public exam – the following information:
a) the applicant’s full name, tax code, date and place of birth, place of residence, contact telephone number and postal address chosen for the purposes of this selection. Foreign nationals should supply an address in Italy, otherwise that of their Embassy in Italy as the agreed place of domicile. Tax codes can be omitted by foreign applicants if unavailable, though this should be clearly stated;
b) the possible condition of disability and the required aid;
c) the title of the Doctoral course, and, if required, the curriculum and the research theme the candidate is applying for. The candidate may present his/her application for admission to no more than two curricula of the same course. Please note that a separate application must be filled in for each course and/or specialization chosen. Applications submitted after 12 noon of 15 June 2020 shall not be taken into consideration.
d) the applicant’s citizenship;
e) the type and name of degree held, date, grade and name of the awarding University or the equivalent qualification granted by a foreign University, as well as the documentation in which its equivalence has been granted or the request for equivalence issued for admission purposes only as per art. 2. Should the candidate graduate after the expiry date for admission to the public exam selection procedure, as long as he/she holds a degree within and not later than 31 October 2020, s/he shall be conditionally admitted and shall, at the risk of exclusion, complete the application by means of self-certification of the degree awarded to be presented to the Servizio Segreterie Studenti – Settore dottorato di ricerca, scuole di specializzazione, esami di stato e master at the email address, enclosing a copy of a valid document of identity, within and not later than 31 October 2020 (postmarks will not be accepted as proof of posting);
f) the possible situation of ‘grant holder from a foreign country’ or ‘grant holder within a specific syllabus of International Mobility’;
g) only for the public exam selections involving an interview: a statement whereby the candidate indicates the foreign language s/he wishes to prove knowledge of during the interview (see list in Appendix A);
h) only for foreign students participating in selections based on an interview: adequate knowledge of Italian;
i) only for the public exam selections that involve qualifications and publications: adequate knowledge of English;
j) a commitment to duly communicate each/any change in residence or address;
3. Candidates may choose not less than one and not more than three referees to support their candidature, except for those courses in Appendix A which exclude the presentation of reference letters. The referees must be university professors or experts in the subject. The referee letters must be sent directly by the referees, within the expiry date of the public notice exam, to the Coordinator of the doctoral course to the address indicated in Appendix A. The names, status and work place of the referees chosen by the candidates must be stated in the applications.
4. The following documents should also be attached by means of the on-line procedure:
a) a valid identity document, passport for non EU citizens
b) the candidates’ curriculum vitae et studiorum containing all the information relevant to the subject themes of the doctoral course the candidate is applying for. This information, for example, may concern: previous research and/or work experience, any other qualifications (study qualifications included), certifications, publications, patents, etc.;
c) a research project concerning one or more research themes of the doctoral course candidates are applying for as indicated in Appendix A (max. 10 pages, unless otherwise specified in Appendix A);
d) a document containing the title and a brief description of their dissertation, as well as a list of the examinations, the marks and, if possible, a brief description of the relative syllabuses;
e) any other qualifications/publications relative to the research themes dealt with in the course, each one not more than 10 pages long;
f) only for those candidates who are applying as ‘grant holders from a foreign country’ or ‘grant holders within a specific syllabus of International Mobility’: documentation confirming the grant;
g) any other documents required by the single course or curriculum indicated in Appendix A
h) All attached documents must be in PDF format.
5. The documents as per the previous paragraph 4 may be either in Italian or English. Please refer to Appendix A for information on the submission of documents in other languages.
6. Pursuant to the Decree of the President of the Republic of the 28 December 2000, No. 445, the statements in the applications shall have the status of self-certification; in the case of false documents and false statements penal sanctions foreseen by art. 76 of the abovementioned decree 455/2000 shall be applied. Should the rules and regulations concerning substitute statements (D.P.R. n. 445/2000 and subsequent modifications and integrations), not be applicable, candidates are however responsible (from a civil, administrative and penal point of view) for their statements.
This Administration reserves the right to ascertain the truthfulness of such statements as governed by laws in force. Candidates who make false statements shall automatically be excluded from enrolment and any grants awarded shall be retroactively withdrawn. Further administrative and/or penal sanctions foreseen by the laws and legislation in force may also be applied.
7. The University Administration cannot be held responsible for documentation which goes astray due to mistaken indications of residence and postal address given by candidates and / or due to the fact that candidates have not communicated any changes or have communicated them too late. Furthermore, this office cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in postal or telegraphic delivery.
8. The University reserves the right to enforce, even after the public exam is over, sanctions which exclude candidates who have failed to comply with or meet up to the requirements herein established.