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How to apply for a PhD position in our group

The PhD position announcement could be found every year at
Each year, all the information related to the application are uploaded on the page "Bando di ammissione al XXXI ciclo del dottorato di ricerca", where XXXI will change according the current edition.
The candidate who would like to apply for a PhD in our lab has to take into account of the followings:
  • CURRICULUM: check the curriculum name and code (4 numbers) on the ANNEX A → these are not always the same, but you should contact us to get them and to be sure to get the right ones!
  • INTERVIEW: a physical interview will be held at DIME (Department of Mechanical, Energetics, Management and Transport Engineering), Unige. For whom will not be able to partecipate to the physical interviw, there is the possibility to have a Skype interview. Please contact in advance the Coordinator of the doctoral course AND a person from our lab (either Prof. Matteo Zoppi or Prof. Dimiter Zlatanov).
For the APPLICATION the candidate will need:
  1. Personal data
    • Name and Surname
    • Codice Fiscale - if the candidate doesn't have it, to be left empty
    • Birthday and birthplace
    • Phone number and Address - it must be an italian address! foreign candidates have to write the address of their embassy in Italy
    • Citizenship
  2. PhD Curriculum, (name + code) to be verified with us
  3. Research Project Proposal (maximum 10 pages), this will NOT necessarily be the candidate research topic after he/she get the position! It is a way to assess the candidate's ability to organize and carry out research.
  4. Reference letters (minimum 1 - maximum 3) to be sent to Coordinator of the doctoral course AND Prof. Matteo Zoppi by e-mail directly by the person who write them ← NOT to be uploaded online!
    NOTE: the name, status and service place of the referees chosen by the candidates must be stated in their applications. 
  5. ID card or Passport, a copy of both the sides
  6. Title and abstract of bachelor and/or master thesis
  7. List of exams and grades, if possible, provide a brief description of the class (not strictly necessary)
    NOTE: if the candidate can get an official document is better, otherwise even an exel table should be ok
  8. Self certification, the form is available online and it must be printed, filled in and signed!
For foreign candidate, (7) and (8) must be translated in italian (see Bando Art. 2-2):
In the case of a degree obtained abroad and judged suitable, if the qualification has not yet been deemed equivalent, the candidate shall require that this recognition be granted for public exam purposes only. In such cases candidates shall also enclose the following documents:
a) a translation of the academic qualifications duly notarized by the Italian diplomatic or consular office of the country in which the qualifications were achieved;
b) a “Dichiarazione di Valore” (Declaration of Worth) of the qualifications drawn up by the same consular body.
NOTE: usually the academic transcripts are accepted even if they are not translated in Italian, but an English copy should be sufficient.