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December thesis defence

During this session we had many students defending their thesis: 3 bachelor and 2 master.

Everybody did a really good job, congratulations to all of you!

Flavio Barbieri presented his master thesis entitled:

"Design and analysis of a prototype modular gropper and technical/economic comparison with a traditional and a commercial modular gripper"

(Italian title: Progettazione ed analisi di un prototupo di gripper modulare e contronto tecnico/economico con un gripper tradizional ed un gripper modulare commerciale)

His work has been done in collaboration with CRF, and it has been supervised by Matteo Zoppi, Giorgio Pietronave, Paolo Silvestri and Alessandro Zanella (CRF).

Federico Reggio presented his master thesis entitled:

"Identification of an incipient surge condition in a radial compressor through acoustic and vibration measurements"

(Italian title: Identificazione di una condizione d'incipiente pompaggio in un compressore radiale attraverso misure acustiche e di vibrazione)

His work has been supervised by Paolo Silvestri and Mario Luigi Ferrari.

Giacomo Gennari and Simone Ghettini presented their bachelor thesis entitled:

"Modelling, simulation and control of a tracked self-balancing platform"

(Italian title: Modellazione, simulazione e controllo di una piattaforma cingolata autobilanciante)

Their work has been supervised by Matteo Zoppi and Giorgio Cannata.

Paolo Nardelli presented his bachelor thesis entitled:

"Test of a shaft with interchangeable pins for the test machine rotor-kit"

(Italian title: Test di un albero a perni intercambiabili per la macchina di prova rotor-kit)

Their work has been supervised by Fabrizio Stefani, Paolo Silvestri and Simone Laiolo.