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For any person interested in doing a master thesis with our group, please contact us by e-mail or visit us in the lab to discuss about possible topics.
To get an idea of the possible topics, here you can find a list of master thesis that have been done in the past years:
  • Barbieri, F. (December 2016) "Design and analysis of a prototype modular gropper and technical/economic comparison with a traditional and a commercial modular gripper" supervised by Matteo Zoppi, Giorgio Pietronave, Paolo Silvestri and Alessandro Zanella (CRF)
  • Reggio, F. (December 2016) "Identification of an incipient surge condition in a radial compressor through acoustic and vibration measurements" supervised by Paolo Silvestri and Mario Luigi Ferrari
  • Romano, M. (October 2016) "Development of an automatic tool for the gearshift performance characterization of an automatic manual transmission" supervised by Paolo Silvestri, Giovanna Naselli, Giuseppe Medico (Magneti Marelli), Carmine Russo (Teoresi), Davide Correndo (Magneti Marelli)
  • Fontana, T. (September 2016) "Stereo vision system for autonomous detection of palletized freight" supervised by Matteo Zoppi, Silvio Sabatini and Aiko Dinale
  • Granados, J. A. (September 2016) "Control of a three phase brushless DC motor" supervised by Matteo Zoppi and Egon Carusi (Swhard)
  • Bagicalupo, A. (July 2016) "Design and construction of a flapping-wing UAV" supervised by Paolo Silvestri and Alessandro Bottaro
  • Melotti, A. (March 2016) "Dynamic behavior characterization of a light railway vehicle through experimental data classification and analysis" supervised by Paolo Silvestri, Rosario Distefano, Maurizio Vienghello and Andrea Critelli
  • Priolo, B. (March 2016) "Static and modal study of automotive springs: CAD, CAE and functional modeling for classic and side-load types" supervised by Paolo Silvestri, Nicola Poerio and Giovanna Naselli
  • El Fermaoui, S. (March 2016) "Integration of the prototype of an electric van and definition of the technical requirements for a small batch production" supervised by Matteo Zoppi, Egon Carusi and Aiko Dinale
  • Terrile, S. (March 2016) "Design and simulation of a 2D one-legged hopping robot" supervised by Rezia Molfino, Matteo Zoppi, Manuel Armada (CAR-CSIC) and Roemi Fernandez (CAR-CSIC)
  • Coletti, F. and Ghezzi, D. (February 2016) "Modellazione e indagine teorico sperimentale sul comportamento strutturale e vibrazionale di un veicolo prototipo" supervised by Paolo Silvestri, Matteo Zoppi and Giovanna Naselli